Loft Music Studio is a Private Music Instrument Education Studio that provide modern high quality instrument education service

Our classes are person to person classes which will help our learners make progress faster.

Currently, our learners are mostly high tech company workers and master/PhD students. We also accept children.

Our philosophy of teaching are combination of Genre, Music Theory and Playing Skills, which will let people playing instrument with knowledge of music, and talk like a musician.

Our studio is in a private loft, which is located next to San Andreas Lake, on beautiful Skyline Blvd.

Our instructors are multi-instruments players, so in our class, we like doing playing-together practice, which are proved as a good strategy. 

Contact Info: Text only 4156448039, Email loftmusic@foxmail.com, Wechat TonyStDynn

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Loft Music Studio is a Non-Profit private organization.

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